Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next came Mrs. Gnome and her stump home

I had decided while I was finishing Mr. Gnome that he needed a little wife. I didn't have any idea that she would turn out as she did. Her sketch was much more simple although all the main elements were there.
Once I stared to sew that was the end of it. I just could not stop adding detail.
So walk with me through her garden...

Mushroom detail~

I was especially happy with the tiny flower at the end of the root, little bits of moss and grass popping up here and there.
I would live to walk through her door and look inside

I love the way her braid turned out and the flower basket too.

I still smile about he little pointed door for her little pointed hat to go through.

After such a detailed journey I was ready for something less detailed and an "easy sew" if you like. I moved back to the birds.

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  1. Holy buckets! I wish my hands were steady enough to sew. They aren't so I knit. Your work is gorgeous! Thank you for posting!