Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estate sale!! Shopping therapy~

I have mixed feelings about Estate sales. On one hand I find them sad, most of the time someone has died or got very ill and are selling everything. On the other hand they are a wonderful place to find things you can hardly believe are on sale.
I went to one on my lunch break on Friday and this is what I bought.

This is a sort of crewelwork tapestry kit, it is started a little and is gigantic!

It measures 20" x 16" and only $3.00
I saw this other crewelwork Unicorn and had to have it $1.00. It is also started although I will pick out the work and begin again on that one. I also got some cross stitch fabric is Hardinger 22 and was only .10 each pack un-opened.

Felt! lots and lots of felt, plus some cute snowmen started and floss. 2.50 for the 2 bags of goodness.
This is completed and I just had to buy it. It's a pillow and only needs a light cleaning and stuffing. $2.00
I have these impulse buying issues, I'll just buy things on a whim sometimes... this is one of those times that it worked out beautifully.

This is a funny little bag that had a label "tatting $3.00" these little boots are all little pockets.

There is another little flap style pocket on the tiny boot on this side too.
behold the loot...
The lady that did the tatting was very talented. There is just lovely tatted lace in this bag that she made.

The items that I was most excited about- Workbasket issues ranging from 1957 to 1980! I spent my entire evening looking through them at all of the old projects and ads. I was thinking about scanning some of them into the blog using a friends scanner.
I ended up buying this pouch, it only had 2 of the handkerchiefs in it but I kept finding more in the sale for .25 or .50 for 2 or 3. So now I have quite the collection.

They are so pretty and I think I have a project forming in my mind.
They only had a few tea towels in the sale that makes me wonder what happened to the other days of the week?
Iron on Tuesday huh? I'll have to work on that!

Pillow cases too. I could not resist the lavender kitty cases. And the embroidered flowers with the crocheted edge look like they have never been used. They are so crisp and almost a little rough.

Silly dog watching her silly owner take pictures of strange smelling items that I brought home.

They don't smell that strange but her nose was working overtime!

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  1. Such wonderful finds! Felt is always great to have around, I bet you did have fun looking at all the old Workbasket magaazines, and hankies, dishtowels and pillow slips, oh my! What fun!

    The pets always have to check out anything new that comes into the house, don't they?