Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last few bits about the curtain..

I don't really know why I chose birds for the top inside of each curtain. I like to listen to them and watch them in the yard. I like how the roof turned out sort of shingled looking.

At least I don't call to the birds like our kitty tries to. She sort of chirps at them and calles to them in a very "I'm not going to hurt you just fly over here into my mouth so we can play" cat-like sort of way.

Random observation:
Don't you think an onion sort of looks like a closed up water lily when thinly sliced?
Maybe it's just me.


  1. Yes, the roof does look shingled, you chose some great colors for this!

    I know exactly that chirping noise you mean, it's so cute when they do it, but kind of evil at the same time.