Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everything has been changing... Wait, what!?! It's April?

Where have you been! Naughty, naughty Mrs.Kitty! You are free to scold me for my lazy blogging and my lack of posts and I will take the slap on the blogging/stitching/crocheting hand. I've had so many changes in the past few months. Quit my job for another one, this was a good move and I went from being very unhappy every day to being much more calm and comfortable with my situation. Considering I shaved off 20 miles from my drive each way I'm practically doing handstands.

Meanwhile during all of this change I made myself a blanket. I've done a few scarves with crochet but nothing too major so I took the plunge when I saw the homespun yarn on sale. I bought 4 skeins and started to crochet, I got several rows in and decided that I wanted it wider so I pulled it all out and started again and little by little it began to get longer and longer. I bought another 3 colors to add in (good sale not going to pass up) I watched many, many TV shows (thank you Netflix) while I worked on my blanket or I suppose it may qualify as an afghan. I watched True Blood (new book is out in May!), Farscape, Hercules and my favorite of them all Legend of the Seeker (canceled, so unfortunate). I approximate that it took me in the neighborhood of 80 hours to hook this all together.
Since I've finished it I see that it has a tenancy to travel. I leave it on the couch, I find it on my bed when I get home, I put it on a chair and find it wrapped around either my husband or son (the boy is wrapped in it now). Not to mention my cat that was hell bent and determined to sit on it during the crochet process and now whenever I have it over me she must curl up and fall to sleep. It really was very cute and yet annoying when I would sit to work on it, get a row done, have to pick up the cat to flip my work and she would scoot right back on it till I was finished with the next row and the process would repeat.. times 80 hours or so. Silly kitty >^_^<

Of course you must want to see pictures of this monster that I've created, It's not perfect.. far from it but I'm proud of it and pleased that the men folk and the little furry friend in my house have received it well. The dog is not allowed to be on it only because her claws are not kind to blankets and I'm a little afraid that it may get damaged as to me it seems fragile. It's still so new to me.

First let's have a look at the colors, I chose just about every homespun yarn that tickled my fancy and mashed them all together. I did a single crochet for 11 rows then switched to double chain for 3 and in one spot I think I did 4 rows, then back to single crochet for the reminder of that color's skein.

This sucker is LONG too, I wanted it to be long enough to cover my hubby. We estimate (only because I can't locate my tape measure) it to be 8 ft long (hanging) and around 5 ft wide.

Okay, time to look at my yummy colors, in order:

My Lovely Creation..

I'm back to the wizard cross stitch and should have an update for it sooner rather than later. Hope all is well for everyone out there in their stitchy real worlds.
Keep on stitching!