Saturday, March 17, 2012

Been stitching, really... I have.

Do you ever pause in life, look around and wonder what you were going to do? Where were you going to put that? Why did I stop doing this over here? Yeah, I do that. I'll save some of the more boring details but in short, life slips by.
Shoot it took me 3 weeks to get around to taking pictures of the finished wizard cross stitch. I'm quite happy with him but man, I just couldn't get over to my folks to use their camera. Although I have it on good authority that I can look forward to my own, shiny new camera for a birthday that is looming ahead of me soon.

I'm terrible at being consistent at things, I tend to plan out projects and then take forever to get to them. A prime example is the one I've started recently, now that the wizard is done I decided to work on one that my husband thought would be funny. yeah, we had the idea 2 years ago in 2010 but hey, I'm getting to it. So onto the stitchy pics.

This project was the largest cross stitch that I've ever worked on, I really enjoyed it. It offered a few new techniques that I'd not done before, couching, creating cording from floss and making tassels. The kit included a shimmery gold floss and a very light blending filament that gives much of the piece a nice sparkle. I'm already oggeling the next kits that I'd like to pick up. here and here I hope that they release a spring and summer sort of version, I'd love to stitch up a 4 seasons lovely lady group.

I've also been planning on doing a pair of unicorns using a free pattern that I pulled from the web here but that isn't going to start until I buy a ton of floss per the pattern. It requires way more variety than I have currently, I'll need something like 50 new colors for this pattern. not to mention the sister piece I'm planning too. Well, keep on stitching (though I know you will anyways) I'll be back with more projects as they get done, or progress shots if I can get my hands on a worthwhile camera of my own.