Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers, garden... and weeds.

If only life were as simple as it is in movies, spending my day whiling away my hours stitching, trimming my garden and waiting for a rich man to come and ask for my hand... Yes. I have been daydreaming about life in Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Needless to say my garden looks nothing like those in that fantasy world. I did however manage to grab a few pictures of some flowers in between rainstorms. It has rained 21 days straight and yesterday was our first dry day! I weeded will my arm was sunburned and my back ached, there is still a monster waiting for me but in a few short weeks I will have more time to spend making everything lovely.

My stitchy project is moving along quite nicely but I have to hold off on posting pictures as I don't want to spoil the surprise for my mother. :)

I actually managed to get to the garden center on their Fuschia sale and got this tiny variety. I think they are sweet.

With all the rain it is sort of amazing that these are going red, 5 years ago I has bunches of them at this time of the year. This year... not so much.

My garden has patches of forget-me-nots, I believe they are hitchhikers from my compost. I really don't mind them in the garden, I find that the bees love them too. :)

And the un-weeded zone. Aeahhhhh!! I must say clover has become the bane of my existence, creeping and twining in and out of the strawberry plants.
I will never again let me garden go for a year! Bad! Bad Mrs.Kitty!

Clamtis looking healthy this year.

I just adore Columbine I actually have a few other varieties but did not get pictures before they were all gone.

I just had to cut some of these and take them to the office, I wish that Ponies were not so temporary.

Just to add in... My neighbor loved these so much!

Keep stitching!