Friday, July 24, 2009

Just for fun~

After that monster curtain project I was sitting with bunches of floss that were not bad, but that I did not bother to wind back onto each bobbin. So I started doodling, and I found it very relaxing.

First the wip~

Then the finished product~

And now more close shots than were most likely needed~
I like the little pear that I tossed in there- this was my first time doing a whipped chain stitch and I think I love it.

This was the first time that I played with Bullion stitches, they were tricky at first but I found them to be a neat experience and I keep thinking that now I need to find a pattern and add cat tails to it.

I also love the chance to just play with the stitches and try things that normally I may not just because it does not fit into the pattern.

I have a new Wip that I'm making for my cubicle at work... I'll post shots later this weekend I think as long as time allows~ these images should allow clicking for larger sizes.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estate sale!! Shopping therapy~

I have mixed feelings about Estate sales. On one hand I find them sad, most of the time someone has died or got very ill and are selling everything. On the other hand they are a wonderful place to find things you can hardly believe are on sale.
I went to one on my lunch break on Friday and this is what I bought.

This is a sort of crewelwork tapestry kit, it is started a little and is gigantic!

It measures 20" x 16" and only $3.00
I saw this other crewelwork Unicorn and had to have it $1.00. It is also started although I will pick out the work and begin again on that one. I also got some cross stitch fabric is Hardinger 22 and was only .10 each pack un-opened.

Felt! lots and lots of felt, plus some cute snowmen started and floss. 2.50 for the 2 bags of goodness.
This is completed and I just had to buy it. It's a pillow and only needs a light cleaning and stuffing. $2.00
I have these impulse buying issues, I'll just buy things on a whim sometimes... this is one of those times that it worked out beautifully.

This is a funny little bag that had a label "tatting $3.00" these little boots are all little pockets.

There is another little flap style pocket on the tiny boot on this side too.
behold the loot...
The lady that did the tatting was very talented. There is just lovely tatted lace in this bag that she made.

The items that I was most excited about- Workbasket issues ranging from 1957 to 1980! I spent my entire evening looking through them at all of the old projects and ads. I was thinking about scanning some of them into the blog using a friends scanner.
I ended up buying this pouch, it only had 2 of the handkerchiefs in it but I kept finding more in the sale for .25 or .50 for 2 or 3. So now I have quite the collection.

They are so pretty and I think I have a project forming in my mind.
They only had a few tea towels in the sale that makes me wonder what happened to the other days of the week?
Iron on Tuesday huh? I'll have to work on that!

Pillow cases too. I could not resist the lavender kitty cases. And the embroidered flowers with the crocheted edge look like they have never been used. They are so crisp and almost a little rough.

Silly dog watching her silly owner take pictures of strange smelling items that I brought home.

They don't smell that strange but her nose was working overtime!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now the last bit about the curtians...

These flowers ended up being one of my favorite parts of these curtains.

It's called Kamal kadai-Indian Embroidery and I saw it on Deepa's Blog:
She has all kinds of interesting techniques and styles to learn and pull from.

I just love this technique. It is so simple to set up and creates such a lovely effect for the flowers and just really adds a 3-D quality to the work.
For the stem I used basic chain stitch. And the leaves is Roumanian stitch in 2 colors of floss, 2 strands light green 1 strand the same color green as the stem.

Aside from pulling the flower technique this was my own design. YAY!

I bought the variegated pink-orange (I think Tropicana when I look at it) floss wondering what on earth I was going to do with it. Then it hit me that it would make lovely flowers.

It's my silly dog. Why she would rather lay there than anywhere else? I may never know.

But this made me giggle so I grabbed my camara.

Last few bits about the curtain..

I don't really know why I chose birds for the top inside of each curtain. I like to listen to them and watch them in the yard. I like how the roof turned out sort of shingled looking.

At least I don't call to the birds like our kitty tries to. She sort of chirps at them and calles to them in a very "I'm not going to hurt you just fly over here into my mouth so we can play" cat-like sort of way.

Random observation:
Don't you think an onion sort of looks like a closed up water lily when thinly sliced?
Maybe it's just me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Something new...

After finishing this project I still felt like I needed to be working on something.
Cross stitch? No. New epic project? No. Christmas ornements! No. There is a quilt project that has been eating at my brain? No. Doodling?

Hmm, Ok.

I'm just going to use up all the little floss leftovers that I have from the curtains and sew them into a random design rainbow.
I'm going to hang it on my wall. >^_^<

Next came Mrs. Gnome and her stump home

I had decided while I was finishing Mr. Gnome that he needed a little wife. I didn't have any idea that she would turn out as she did. Her sketch was much more simple although all the main elements were there.
Once I stared to sew that was the end of it. I just could not stop adding detail.
So walk with me through her garden...

Mushroom detail~

I was especially happy with the tiny flower at the end of the root, little bits of moss and grass popping up here and there.
I would live to walk through her door and look inside

I love the way her braid turned out and the flower basket too.

I still smile about he little pointed door for her little pointed hat to go through.

After such a detailed journey I was ready for something less detailed and an "easy sew" if you like. I moved back to the birds.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Behold the almost 2 year curtain project!

(I almost imagine a single ray of light shining down on them through the clouds as angels sing rejoicing them being finished)

Off I went to get the curtains all ready to hang in the window, and what did I see when I held them up together? The right panel was hanging at least an inch lower than the other side! Ok, so off I went to the sewing machine to fix them. Needless to say that the weekend of the 4th of July was very busy and my project was put off... again. Well now they are at least complete and they have been photographed. YAY!
The twisty stick is really the curtain rod so it will be staying.
Left Panel~

Right panel~

I wanted to echo the design on each side so I tried to choose patterns or create designs that would compliment each other.

The Gnome man came first after the hex designs and really I had no plan for the other side since he was mostly freehand, the mushrooms were inspired by the Aunt Martha's Merry Modern Mushrooms #3775. His little wife was more original and direct from my brain than he was.

I like how the flowers turned out and I really love the pink and orange flowers.
I'm not really sure why I chose the bird patterns, I liked the couple in the nest and I looked for a pair or a bird that would go along with it. I ended up using this pattern but making changes to make the style of the flowers match better:

I think it turned out a little leggy on that side but I like it.

Still my window is bare and broken and waiting for me to get them up and hanging...

I'll post more detailed images of some of the embroidery not already posted later. >^_^<