Thursday, July 9, 2009

Behold the almost 2 year curtain project!

(I almost imagine a single ray of light shining down on them through the clouds as angels sing rejoicing them being finished)

Off I went to get the curtains all ready to hang in the window, and what did I see when I held them up together? The right panel was hanging at least an inch lower than the other side! Ok, so off I went to the sewing machine to fix them. Needless to say that the weekend of the 4th of July was very busy and my project was put off... again. Well now they are at least complete and they have been photographed. YAY!
The twisty stick is really the curtain rod so it will be staying.
Left Panel~

Right panel~

I wanted to echo the design on each side so I tried to choose patterns or create designs that would compliment each other.

The Gnome man came first after the hex designs and really I had no plan for the other side since he was mostly freehand, the mushrooms were inspired by the Aunt Martha's Merry Modern Mushrooms #3775. His little wife was more original and direct from my brain than he was.

I like how the flowers turned out and I really love the pink and orange flowers.
I'm not really sure why I chose the bird patterns, I liked the couple in the nest and I looked for a pair or a bird that would go along with it. I ended up using this pattern but making changes to make the style of the flowers match better:

I think it turned out a little leggy on that side but I like it.

Still my window is bare and broken and waiting for me to get them up and hanging...

I'll post more detailed images of some of the embroidery not already posted later. >^_^<


  1. Oh! The curtains are beautiful! So happy to see the whole thing at last! I can't decide which part I like best for sure, but the scene at the bottom is amazing, I like how part of it is on each panel. It should make you smile each time you look out your window :)

  2. WOW!!! These curtains are amazing. Great work. ♥

  3. Oh, WOW! Fun idea - kind of a sampler, a little bit "random," but still organized enough to make sense and look great! This looks like it was a bunch of fun to stitch! Thanks for sending me the link!!

    Best regards,

  4. Your curtains are so charming!! What an inspiration!

  5. I'm thrilled!! What a super neat set of curtains to give you joy every time you see them!

    (Plus, I don't feel so bad for peppering mix and match designs everywhere on my pillowcases now...*grin*)

  6. Wow!! WOW!! Iam falling in, I'm already in love...with the curtain,I mean.. :)


  7. Your curtains are simply wonderful! I would kill for curtains such as these.

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