Thursday, October 29, 2009


Can you believe that lately embroidery has taken a back seat? First reading like mad now this. I know, what the?! I've been getting back to some other hobbies that I've been grown away from and I just don't want to forget that I like to do other things too. While I to love work with embroidery. I also love to paint. So I have a little piece to share of the painting that I am working on, Painting is a little more "in the zone" for me. While embroidery I sit and enjoy in the front room watching TV.
Work goes slow but it's been so long I don't really worry about it. I'm just painting it for myself so... onto the Wip-

I have a vision in my mind that I'm working towards.
These pictures are a little light I had to use the flash to get them to show up enough. I look forward to showing more of it as I come closer to being finished. I was thinking that I might just sew it up too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Long and short stitch catch up

Been stitching away but I just had not been able to really get any pictures of them until recently.
It has been a wonderful learning experience following along with this project. My mind is turning over how to finish it off as the lessons are almost complete. This is the lesson index with links sending you to each detailed lesson.
Flat leaf
Jagged leaf
Sampler almost finished

I have ideas on how to finish it out but nothing decided yet. I was thinking about a small and quick project to sink my teeth into. I really should get onto the holiday ornaments if I want any ready by the winter... so many things to work on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lookie what I made for work!

This was so tasty I had to share, it was such a people pleaser and so easy to make. There was quite a bit of prep time and the time to arrange everything but easy all the same.

My Berry Trifle:
Angel food cake (cubed)
Vanilla pudding (2 boxes)
Cool whip
Grapes (halved)

Then it is just a matter of layering everything in alternate layers as you like.

And it gave me a reason to use this pretty serving bowl from Goodwill. Yay!

Lazy, Busy and Distracted...

That about sums up my life lately, too lazy to turn on the computer, too busy to make the time to post anything and too distracted in reading a book series that I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I freaking love. Read those twice.

Onto the stitching!
I had been asked to create a name panel for a friend at work, for another friend from work that had recently had their first child. I think it turned out so very lovely. They changed their last name after I had stitched it up so they are going to cut off the bottom and make the top part into a pillow. I also think that is quite nice to make a keepsake from it. In total I spent 28 hours making it. Out of respect for their privacy I am only posting parts of it and will not show the entire name... you never know these days.

I have been making great progress on the Needle 'N Thread long and short stitch project but have not been able to get good pictures of it yet. I finally spent my Labor day stitching... All day long! I went from being 3 projects behind to being all caught up!
That was quite nice I must say since I had spent so much time buried in books.
I also have been painting again. That is a late in the evening activity for me after my child has been put to bed. After almost seven years it is nice to pick up a brush and create on canvas again. Needless to say there will be pictures as soon as I an confident enough to post them.
Happy stitching and painting and reading to you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Late and fallen behind..

I've been so wrapped up stitching for this project that a co-worker asked me to do that I hadn't posted my Needle 'N Thread long and short stitch progress. So, I will have another post over the weekend to catch me up. I'm still behind having only just started the triangles and the lessons are one past that but, I think I'll be able to focus and get all caught up again. For any one that is not sure what even I speak of check it out:

Anyways onto the picture. There is only the one but I like this technique and think that it has the potential to take my embroidery to a different range of possibilities.

More later~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Onto the stitching!

I have certainly seen this done before but I jut had to make one for my cubicle at work. I just cranked out the border without much planning but I think it turned out alright for a quick project. The flowers remind me of Forget-me-nots a little bit.

I actually have a commission piece that I'm just beginning to work on! That is pretty exciting really and I want to do a good job on it! It is the first time anyone has specifically asked me to make something, I almost feel (dare I say) accomplished.
Also I am following along with the Needle'NThread long and short stitch lessons
I can't wait to expand my skills, the long and short stitch is something that I have seen in books and I think that it will be valuable to learn good technique.
I will also blog my progress on the lessons here just for fun!

Out and about

I cannot believe the amazing response that I have received from my embroidery projects!! I am so thrilled that folks like the things that I make. So to all my new stitching friends I would like to say thank you! >^_^<

I haven’t been home very much over the last few weekends, we took a trip to the coast weekend before this last and last weekend went off to a local state park to play in the river.

The park was full a lovely images and lots of birds and butterflies.

The park has old Walnut and Filbert orchards many of them grown wild...

Our trip to the coast was relaxing and I think we came home way too soon in the day, we got back and it was still over 105 here!
This sign cracked me up, sadly this was the best shot that I was able to get of it.

She loved the beach.

And how can I count the weekend as over until I do a little thrifting? These were cool and I found them at Goodwill, still don't have any idea what to do with them but they spoke to me so I had to have them.

Now about the stitching...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just for fun~

After that monster curtain project I was sitting with bunches of floss that were not bad, but that I did not bother to wind back onto each bobbin. So I started doodling, and I found it very relaxing.

First the wip~

Then the finished product~

And now more close shots than were most likely needed~
I like the little pear that I tossed in there- this was my first time doing a whipped chain stitch and I think I love it.

This was the first time that I played with Bullion stitches, they were tricky at first but I found them to be a neat experience and I keep thinking that now I need to find a pattern and add cat tails to it.

I also love the chance to just play with the stitches and try things that normally I may not just because it does not fit into the pattern.

I have a new Wip that I'm making for my cubicle at work... I'll post shots later this weekend I think as long as time allows~ these images should allow clicking for larger sizes.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estate sale!! Shopping therapy~

I have mixed feelings about Estate sales. On one hand I find them sad, most of the time someone has died or got very ill and are selling everything. On the other hand they are a wonderful place to find things you can hardly believe are on sale.
I went to one on my lunch break on Friday and this is what I bought.

This is a sort of crewelwork tapestry kit, it is started a little and is gigantic!

It measures 20" x 16" and only $3.00
I saw this other crewelwork Unicorn and had to have it $1.00. It is also started although I will pick out the work and begin again on that one. I also got some cross stitch fabric is Hardinger 22 and was only .10 each pack un-opened.

Felt! lots and lots of felt, plus some cute snowmen started and floss. 2.50 for the 2 bags of goodness.
This is completed and I just had to buy it. It's a pillow and only needs a light cleaning and stuffing. $2.00
I have these impulse buying issues, I'll just buy things on a whim sometimes... this is one of those times that it worked out beautifully.

This is a funny little bag that had a label "tatting $3.00" these little boots are all little pockets.

There is another little flap style pocket on the tiny boot on this side too.
behold the loot...
The lady that did the tatting was very talented. There is just lovely tatted lace in this bag that she made.

The items that I was most excited about- Workbasket issues ranging from 1957 to 1980! I spent my entire evening looking through them at all of the old projects and ads. I was thinking about scanning some of them into the blog using a friends scanner.
I ended up buying this pouch, it only had 2 of the handkerchiefs in it but I kept finding more in the sale for .25 or .50 for 2 or 3. So now I have quite the collection.

They are so pretty and I think I have a project forming in my mind.
They only had a few tea towels in the sale that makes me wonder what happened to the other days of the week?
Iron on Tuesday huh? I'll have to work on that!

Pillow cases too. I could not resist the lavender kitty cases. And the embroidered flowers with the crocheted edge look like they have never been used. They are so crisp and almost a little rough.

Silly dog watching her silly owner take pictures of strange smelling items that I brought home.

They don't smell that strange but her nose was working overtime!