Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out and about

I cannot believe the amazing response that I have received from my embroidery projects!! I am so thrilled that folks like the things that I make. So to all my new stitching friends I would like to say thank you! >^_^<

I haven’t been home very much over the last few weekends, we took a trip to the coast weekend before this last and last weekend went off to a local state park to play in the river.

The park was full a lovely images and lots of birds and butterflies.

The park has old Walnut and Filbert orchards many of them grown wild...

Our trip to the coast was relaxing and I think we came home way too soon in the day, we got back and it was still over 105 here!
This sign cracked me up, sadly this was the best shot that I was able to get of it.

She loved the beach.

And how can I count the weekend as over until I do a little thrifting? These were cool and I found them at Goodwill, still don't have any idea what to do with them but they spoke to me so I had to have them.

Now about the stitching...

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