Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy, Busy and Distracted...

That about sums up my life lately, too lazy to turn on the computer, too busy to make the time to post anything and too distracted in reading a book series that I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I freaking love. Read those twice.

Onto the stitching!
I had been asked to create a name panel for a friend at work, for another friend from work that had recently had their first child. I think it turned out so very lovely. They changed their last name after I had stitched it up so they are going to cut off the bottom and make the top part into a pillow. I also think that is quite nice to make a keepsake from it. In total I spent 28 hours making it. Out of respect for their privacy I am only posting parts of it and will not show the entire name... you never know these days.

I have been making great progress on the Needle 'N Thread long and short stitch project but have not been able to get good pictures of it yet. I finally spent my Labor day stitching... All day long! I went from being 3 projects behind to being all caught up!
That was quite nice I must say since I had spent so much time buried in books.
I also have been painting again. That is a late in the evening activity for me after my child has been put to bed. After almost seven years it is nice to pick up a brush and create on canvas again. Needless to say there will be pictures as soon as I an confident enough to post them.
Happy stitching and painting and reading to you all!


  1. Beautiful work, and I must say I'm curious about this book series you've been engrossed with... ;)

  2. Those letters are so beautiful and delicate looking, very, very pretty!