Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Onto the stitching!

I have certainly seen this done before but I jut had to make one for my cubicle at work. I just cranked out the border without much planning but I think it turned out alright for a quick project. The flowers remind me of Forget-me-nots a little bit.

I actually have a commission piece that I'm just beginning to work on! That is pretty exciting really and I want to do a good job on it! It is the first time anyone has specifically asked me to make something, I almost feel (dare I say) accomplished.
Also I am following along with the Needle'NThread long and short stitch lessons
I can't wait to expand my skills, the long and short stitch is something that I have seen in books and I think that it will be valuable to learn good technique.
I will also blog my progress on the lessons here just for fun!

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