Thursday, October 29, 2009


Can you believe that lately embroidery has taken a back seat? First reading like mad now this. I know, what the?! I've been getting back to some other hobbies that I've been grown away from and I just don't want to forget that I like to do other things too. While I to love work with embroidery. I also love to paint. So I have a little piece to share of the painting that I am working on, Painting is a little more "in the zone" for me. While embroidery I sit and enjoy in the front room watching TV.
Work goes slow but it's been so long I don't really worry about it. I'm just painting it for myself so... onto the Wip-

I have a vision in my mind that I'm working towards.
These pictures are a little light I had to use the flash to get them to show up enough. I look forward to showing more of it as I come closer to being finished. I was thinking that I might just sew it up too.

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  1. Oh! You paint too! From what I can see so far, looks beautiful. :)