Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silly dog!

I suppose to be honest it was yesterday when I drove home to find our dog running free. She has been a escape artist since day one. I came home and there she was looking so happy to see me but running towards me from the side of our house?!? How surprised was I? Very. We have a dog tight chain link fence, my dear sweet husband that had been helping me combat the over running weeds in my garden had brought the garden bin back into the backyard at my request had not re-latched the gate and to be fair, neither had I. Well so I was surprised to see her all running at me so happy that I was home. I truly wonder what she spent her day doing out and loose. What was she up to?

Needless to say... Willow (our cat) was not at all happy about the whole situation, she is an indoor cat untill we get her fixed and was very vocal about Sky being outside all day loose and her all locked inside the house on her plushy spot.


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  1. They both look like sweeties, and our pets are always entertaining aren't they?