Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Beginning

In this, web page I hope to share what I do with anyone that would care to enjoy or look and learn. I have only the needlework skills that I was taught when I was little by my Grandmother and what I have learned on the wide web. I am by trade an office worker, but I am truly an artist. I love embroidery and all that it offers as an art medium.
I once enjoyed painting but lost the time to create it, when I dabble into that I'll share those efforts here too. I consider myself an extremely armature gardener and will share my miss-adventures and triumphs in garden-land. Finally I also love antiques, second hand shops and old toys; on occasion I'll share great finds too. I hope that this will be fun and new type of adventure.
I am however not always spot-on with my thoughts and postings so we will see how blogging fits with me. I have a tendency to be a recluse and by all means I imagine that this will be no different.


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