Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Beginning..

I suppose to be fair I should begin with how this project came to be. A few years ago I happened upon one of the most fun web sites that I had found in forever, Craftster. I began to check out the posts and found the needlework category; it had been years since I had really stitched. In fact since High school and then I was not very good at it. A few years ago we purchased a house and I have been trying to update and make it my own. Replacing curtains has been on the list of things to do and I thought since my grandmother had given me her old sewing machine that I would put it to good use, I zipped out some basic curtains and decided to decorate them with embroidery. I found the stitchalong area and decided to participate in the make your own hex stitchalong:
I picked out a few designs that I liked and decided to give them a try. This was the first one that I stitched up:

Even after I went back and filled with the French knots I still feel unsatisfied with it. I decided to make a different one and I was really thrilled with how it turned out.

I tried to use different stitches that I had not tried before. There are 6 different stitches in this one.

That’s how the beginning of these crazy curtains was. The plan I had only stored in my mind has since really come along way from these humble beginnings. I'll post more images of the curtains in the coming days. And when all is posted and finished I will post the final pictures of them happily hanging in my kitchen window. The tail end is taking forever since I keep getting side tracked with other things. I already have a new massive project brewing in my mind...After I make some new Christmas ornaments for 2009 to break up the project run.

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