Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yeah, it's like that...

In this wonderful and weird world of the internet I'm positive that you've seen amazing spaces.  I like to visit a Flicker group called My Craft Room Crafting rooms beyond your wildest fantasies and ones that are more realistic but not mine either way.  And as much as I love to pick up ideas and inspiration from these lovely rooms my craft room is ... disappointing to say the least.  I had a craft room, I did.  A space that I could walk into, trip over a few things and close the door and go off into the little world of making things that I enjoy so very much.  We had my brother in-law move in for a while (ages ago mind you) and I gave up that space.  He moved back out (also forever ago) and my son switched rooms, you might think that; Hey! you got your room back! Yay, now do all those wonderful things you see on the internet and have your dream crafting area. 
Yeah, not so much.
The spare room as I have taken to calling it is a mound of stuff, filing from forever ago, holiday decorations (from all the holidays we have had this year)  old stuff from my son's old room and all the extra things that have no where to go.  As well as things that we are storing for my brother in-law that really have nowhere else to go. 

It goes without saying, I will however put it into words anyways that I do all my crafting in alternate locations across the house.  Meaning that I spend some time tracking down the supplies I need for whatever project I'm working on.

I'm going to show you something but you have to promise not to judge.... okay well if you do just don't tell me that you did.  Deal. okay.

This is my spare (crafting) room. . . *sob.

This room is not only filled with crap but it is filled with all of the what I call "I used to"s I used to paint, I used to have my sewing machine all set up.  And the "I'd like to"s, I'd like to work on that project if only I had my CRAFT ROOM in use....  breathe.

See the windows... great light for painting, for sewing, for having my woman cave of craft.  See the floor space, no?  That's okay I don't either. 

So here is my mission, my goal, my fate.  I will spend 15 min a day on this rat hole.  15 min a day to sort, move toss, organize and re-claim my room.  So that I can some day have a room that looks like this, or this one makes me drool... okay, okay.. one more for the road here.

I have been making some really wonderful little things though, really I have see..

If you have not had a visit to Knickertwist you really should.  I just love her work and she gave some wonderful tutorials on how to make these teeny fairy homes. 

So there you have it the big and bad and ugly truth of my craft spare room.

Keep on stitching I'll be back with updates as to how this monstrosity is turning out.

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  1. I read a post by you that was from like 2008 and you had a picture of a dial and sew machine from 1974. I have the same machine! The problem is that I cannot figure out how to thread it! I cannot find a manual for it anywhere. Do you by any chance have any advice? Anything would be appreciated!