Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm sure I can learn a few more... Crafts

Long ago when I was more than a little young my Grandma had tried to teach me to Crochet, I'm not sure if I was just not patient enough or if I just didn't want to learn but I was never able to quite get the concept. Started a couple pot holders but never finished anything I started, and really never started much of anything.

Jump into the recent past... after my former department transferred to new management I met a lady that would turn out to be a wonderful friend.. well, more than one person turned into a friend but this lady knows how to crochet and did it in her spare time at work. We would sit in our cubicles her crocheting and I embroidering. Anyways we agreed that I needed to learn how to Crochet and so began my revived effort.

The very first try I ended up pulling all apart. It was wonky in every way, starting wide and getting narrow and then wide again then narrow (the second try did too... see below) but as I had intended it to be a snowman scarf I decided that I didn't care. The yarn was too rough to be used for anything very nice and the only stitch that I have learned so far is the double Crochet.

I used the entire Package of yarn on it, so it is long and wonky.

I chose a much prettier yarn for my scarf that I intend to wear and enjoy, I also used the entire package of yarn on it. My second try turned out nicer, much less wonky and very soft.

My sweet son has chosen rainbow yarn for his scarf, I'm poking along on his and I think it should be done by the time he needs it for fall. I'm going to make his much shorter as he is only almost 8. (Starts 2nd grade tomorrow!)

In Other News...

Sadly my Garden was a failure this year. Nothing wanted to grow and we just didn't try very hard to make it work. I did however get lovely rhubarb again, it was growing here when we moved into the house and I just love having it. Not everyone likes rhubarb but I find it tart and tasty. It always reminds me of my Grandma Lefa. I use her recipe to make mine every year. This year I'm making 2 more, one to bake and one to freeze for Chistmas. I'll take it out of the freezer and pop it into the oven... I will let you all know how that works out come December.

What would summer be without Shortcake?

And Finally....

I bet you thought I forgot all about my stitching... Nope not yet. I have finished my Mother's gift and just need to photograph and present to her, so watch for those posts. More recently I started a cross stitch, I don't cross stitch often but I find that the neat squares in their proper order is relaxing to me, soothing in a chaotic world. I purchased this kit a while back and had tucked it away in my crafting supplies earmarked ad "rainy day project" My son loves Harry Potter and we agreed that the Wizard reminds us of Prof. Dumbledore with Harry's owl flying along. It's not really but I don't think it matters. I'll stitch it up and frame it for his room.

Progress shot so far.

Happy stitching to one and all!

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